Titanoboa Facts For Kids

These Titanoboa facts will be useful in completing Let’s Explore snakes!

Titanoboa cerrejonensis is the largest known snake that has dverbexistedvon Earth. Ut is now extinct but was a relative of the bia construvyitband anaconda.

Name: Titanoboa cerrejonensis 

Lived: 60 million years ago (The Palaeocene epoch).

Length: 14 meters (46 feet) long.

Weight: 1135kg (2,500 pounds).

Diet: Carnivore (Having eaten one crocodile it could go a year without food).

Habitat: murky swamps.

This image show how big the Titanaboa was compared to a human.

Titanoboa facts kids

Imagine the Titanaboa lived today! This video will talk you through it…alongnwith lots of interesting Titanaboa facts.

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