Human Body Resources for Kids

I’ve put together a quick list of resources to compliment the LOOK THINK DO – HUMAN BODY theme. I’d love to hear what your favourite human body resources for kids are.

Human Body Games and Resources for Kids

Janod Body Magnet Game

Learning Resources Model and Lab Kit

Handheld Microscope and slides

Human Body Books for Kids

Usborne Encyclopedia of the Human Body

Project Body

Usborne See Inside Your Body

DKFindOut! Human Body

Human Body Movies for Kids

Dr Binocs Human Cell– Youtube

Dr Binocs – Digestive System

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Movement – “Ralphie Strikes a Nerve”.

Eyes – “I Spy with my Animal Eyes”

Operation Ouch

Sci Show on YouTube



Digestion Song

Human Body on Google 3D

Google 3D

Just google the terms below, scroll down until you see “view in 3D”:

– human digestive system

– respiratory system

– endocrine system

– female reproductive system

– nervous system

– lymphatic system

– male reproductive system

– integumentary system

– excretory system

– peripheral nervous system

– urinary system

– skeletal system

– muscular system

– circulatory system

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