History Timeline Notebook | keeping a book of centuries history journal

A History Timeline Notebook is such a brilliant way of keeping a record of all of the fascinating historical facts that you discover throughout your families learning journey.

Who Started the Book of Centuries?

The History Timeline Notebook is a book with a timeline running through it. It’s not a new idea and is often referred to as a Book of Centuries which can be traced back to the 1900s when a Mrs. Epps was involved in teaching history to the children at the Charlotte Mason organisation. Miss G. M. Bernau added value to the idea and produced the ‘Book of Centuries’ with one page dedicated to each century.

How to Use a History Timeline Notebook

A History Timeline Notebook is designed to be used over many years as you read about interesting people, places, and events of the past you add them to the history notebook.

It’s perfect for family learning as you can adapt the contents to suit your child’s needs.

  • You jot down the name of a famous painting or author.
  • Draw a diagram of an invention or discovery.
  • Glue in a picture of a memorable event or person. It’s really flexible.

Over time you will begin to notice how all of these historical events piece together across time periods and cultures.

This History Timeline Notebook or Book of Centuries has a timeline running through the centre of the book with different spacing depending on the era.

The book begins with pages for Prehistoric Times and more pages have been allocated as we progress to dates that we have more information about what happened.

I’d love to hear how you use your History Timeline Notebook.

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