Children want to learn, they want to explore and they want to seek out the answers to the 101 questions that pop into their brilliant minds every 60 seconds!

We’ve been led to believe that children can not learn without being instructed by us adults every step of the way.

As parents we want to give our children ‘the best start in life’ but often our well intentioned attempts can lead to resistance.

Like many home educators, I’ve watched children thrive as they discover new skills at their own pace.

I’ve watched their faces fill with pride as they did that thing that they’ve been wanting to do for weeks!

When I began home educating my own children, I struggled to find resources that allowed us to explore various topics but still offer flexibility.

My inquisitive child didn’t want to follow a dotted line, copy a list of numbers or colour in a picture.

Through the learning journals and fun resources I create, I hope to make child-led home educating easier for parents.

L & B wanted to learn about Prehistory so they became archaeologists for the day!

Our resources are designed to inspire and challenge children in a way that will ignite their passion to seek out and explore in their own directions.

I hope you enjoy these resources as much as we do.

Thanks for your support.